Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last night I went to an exposition at Bellas Artes hosted by the Embassy of Qatar here in D.R. I arrived late and it had already started. 

This is one of the artist and the director of the museum in Qatar with the embassador of Qatar in Dominican Republic. This woman is amazing, and she has three beautiful daughters! 

Here is Amal, Yousef Ahmed (this mans art is incredible), Fernando Varela (my beautiful dad) and Michel Bizet(a french artist) 
Daddy looking at Yousef work
"So when people come to my painting i say touch, smell and eat" -Yousef Ahmed

My favorite from Yousef!

This is Mohamed Atiq's work, its idennntical to my dads! Its incredible how people from two different continents with completely different beliefs and way of looking at the world can come up with so similar work! 

Very interesting to me because its made with jewerly images! I loved it This is from Wadha Al-Sulaiti 
The embassador and his wife. She is stunningly beautiful! Such great style and such a nice person!

Arabic Coffee
Tastes like Uruguayan mate. Pretty interesting 
Yesterday I found this video of how to do my hairstyle tonight from LoveMegan. Her hair tutorials are great!

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