Monday, April 25, 2011

Workday @ Everett Designs

I started designing again one week before spring break. In summer I spent a week working with Bill Everett and learning the basics of working with silver and gold. This break I got the chance to spend a day with Bill in his workshop in Casa de campo. This is always an incredible experience and being able to learn with such a great designer as Bill is the best I could ask for. 

This is Bill making some stunning larimar earrings.


This is Rafa.

 My working spot.

Some french kids that were looking at Bill while explaining the cut of stones to me.

A pair of earrings I made. Bill helped me with the silver on the earring.

A gold necklace we made, lovely <3

This is Rosy's ring, she is Bills wife. He gave this ring to her 20 years ago. Imagine this ring 20 years ago!

The ring. Bill working on one of his clients rings.

Chavon's famous cats. There used to be 80 of them before but they have left, now there are 6 left.

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