Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I just spent a month in Italy taking a course on jewelry design at the IED.. I must admit I felt sad when I had to come back to Dominican Republic, everything is so different but so similar at the same time. When I went there I had the plan to take pictures of what I wore everyday! Ha Ha, didn't happen. I barely had time to eat:p

The course was in Milano at the Instituto Europeo di Design, it was an incredible experience where i met many new and fascinating people. The teachers were amazing and very experienced, I learned many interesting things with them. One of the courses was Rhinoceros 3D, tough by Lucca Loschi, then drawing by Maria Petri, Final Project by Maria Grazia Rodi and finally fashion management by Jacopo Bargellini.

I spent 3 weeks in Milano and 1 week in Torino, I also went to Garda for a weekend. The experience was priceless, i wouldn't change any of it!

Since I couldn't upload any of the photos while I was in Italy, I will upload them now!

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